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We were advised by a partner company that having an experienced implementation specialist would have saved them months of painful rework and confusion for the more complex parts of DEAR.  We had an aggressive timeline to transition from our old system of spreadsheets and manual processes to a fully integrated DEAR solution with Quickbooks Online.  Understandably we were concerned as our accounting team and management staff had little or no experience with the DEAR Systems ERP.  Fortunately, our accountants had another client that worked with Stan at Inventory Technology Partners on a successful implementation.  After a brief meeting with Stan we were immediately convinced that he was the right fit to help us navigate the transition.  He took the time to understand our specific business needs and desired outcomes to craft an implementation that worked for us.  He was honest about the challenges we would face and always made sure that he presented options for us to consider when we needed to deviate from the initial plan.  Our implementation went extremely well and we were up and running smoothly in record time.  Words cannot express the value of our partnership with Stan! 

—  Jacob Davis

     Director of Operations, Tucson Tamale Company


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Do it right the first time!

Inventory Technology Partners helps organizations successfully implement integrated inventory management solutions using DEAR Inventory since 2014.


Our Goal: Your success through self-sufficiency

Our goal is to have your business become self-sufficient and master your use of DEAR Inventory.  Using a learning-by-doing approach, you become empowered with best practices for setting up and getting operational with  DEAR to manage your business.


Technology Focus: DEAR Inventory
We specialize in using DEAR Inventory, one of the leading cloud-based inventory management solutions.  Implementations often inclu
de integration with eCommerce, accounting, and fulfillment systems.

Proven Process
We have developed a solid process that consistently enables businesses to be successful implementing DEAR Inventory.  It is a process of training, mentoring, and sequencing that is built upon years of implementing DEAR and decades of implementing software systems through professional services.

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We work with a diverse range of inventory-based businesses. 

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Implementations often include the integration of DEAR Inventory with eCommerce, accounting, fulfillment, payment processors, and point of sale systems.  We have experience integrating all of the following technologies with DEAR.

eCommerce Marketplaces

  • Amazon

  • Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

  • Faire

  • eBay


eCommerce Websites

  • Shopify

  • WooCommerce

  • Magento

Cloud Accounting Systems

  • Quickbooks Online (QBO)

  • Xero



  • DEAR B2B Portal

Point of Sale

  • Square

  • Shopify POS

  • DEAR POS (Point of Sale)



  • ShipStation


Payment Processors

  • PayPal

  • Stripe


EDI Integration

  • SPS Commerce


Advanced Reporting

  • Easy Insight


  • Inventory Planner

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Learn more about DEAR Inventory and all of its offerings at

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Inventory Technology Partners has decades of experience building software solutions for businesses.  We combine hands-on business experience - with industry knowledge - and technology know-how.  And we understand that, in the end, it is the people that matter most for a solution to be successful.


With the advent of cloud-based solutions, advanced systems are now affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.  DEAR Inventory is just such a system, with features and capabilities once reserved for only the largest industry players.


We have the professional experience gained from working on big-budget, Fortune 500-scale projects.  We have taken the lessons learned and best practices of those implementations and apply it to the smaller businesses now adopting affordable cloud-based systems such as DEAR.


Our selection of DEAR Inventory as a superior inventory management system resulted from a 2013-2014 project called the Vermont Lot Tracking Project, a 15-month project of thorough industry research and pilot testing of inventory management and traceability solutions.  










Stan Ward, Principal Consultant

Stan has more than 25 years of professional consulting experience in software, systems integration, management, and training as well as being the founder/co-founder of multiple software and online businesses.  Stan has a BSc in Computer Science from Tufts University and has wide and deep business experience and knowledge gained from working in many different industries for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and many businesses in between.  Outside of software, Stan has founded a farm and herbal supplements business, as well as having hands-on experience with specialty food businesses.

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